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Biomedical engineering is an upcoming field of technology. This branch is a highly interdisciplinary with the applications of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes. As a broad objective, this program shapes the students by providing tools and techniques for research, diagnosis and treatment to address medical and biological problems.

This branch of study focuses on biological medicine, innovative biologic materials, diagnosis treatment rehabilitation and injury mechanics, informatics approaches for the prevention, innovations in instrumentation, tissue engineering, biosensors, medical imaging systems, biomechanics and biomaterial design etc.

This program provides potential job opportunities in imaging, optimal clinical laboratory design, sports medicine, automated patient monitoring, e-medicine and expert systems applications. Study of this branch of engineering provides opportunities to become entrepreneur to support the ever increasing needs of supporting tools for the medical diagnosis and biological supports.

Agni college is one of the top Biomedical engineering colleges in Chennai under Anna University.