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Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics engineering is modern mechanical engineering. This emerging program is a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic and computer science engineering. The subjects of this branch are so coined that technology integration of mechanical engineering, electronics & communication engineering and software engineering provides the students the technical competency and the interdisciplinary skill sets.

Mechatronics engineering focuses mainly on automation & robotics, computer aided design, machine vision, automotive engineering, integrated manufacturing system, industrial goods, expert systems, bio-Mechatronics, global positioning systems etc.

This branch has potential job opportunities in Electronics / Mechanics manufacturing industries, Strong demand for Mechatronics engineers in the field of designing, implementing and operating internet control of machines, autonomous robots and engine management systems. The study of Mechatronics engineering provides an ability to become an entrepreneur or industrial consultant.

Agni college is one of the Top Mechatronics engineering colleges in Chennai under Anna University.

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