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The Department of Civil Engineering offers B.E in Civil Engineering and M.E in Structural Engineering . The Undergraduate Program was started in the year 2010 with an intake of 60 students and the Post graduate Program was started in the year 2014 with an intake of 18 students. The overall objective of the Civil Engineering program is to promote the intellectual development of those interested in the Civil Engineering profession and to produce undergraduates and post graduates who possess the knowledge, tools and traits necessary for a successful career and for assuming a leadership role in the Civil engineering profession.

The educational program objectives are to produce graduates who:

  • Possess a broad-based civil engineering education to successfully obtain professional positions, and practice civil engineering in a wide range of professional settings including consulting firms, industries, and government agencies.
  • Exhibit professional growth throughout their careers by taking on increasing professional responsibilities and pursue life-long learning by obtaining professional engineering license.
  • Demonstrate success and leadership in practice of engineering by contributing to the economic well-being of their employers and society and by dedicated service to professional societies.

Programmes offered by the Department are:

  • B.E. Civil Engineering
  • M.E. Structural Engineering


To be an outstanding Civil Engineering department by providing quality technical education and by promoting research leading engineers to become ethical professionals and entrepreneurs who best serve the society globally.


  • To provide a strong foundation by imparting knowledge in basic sciences and Mathematics for nurturing technical skills to develop competitive nature of students.
  • To improve employability and entrepreneurial skills among students through enhanced level of teaching and training and transform them as ethical professionals.


PEO 1: FUNDAMENTALS: To provide conceptual knowledge in Mathematics and basic sciences to students thereby making them competent and adaptable to technical challenges.

PEO 2: CORE COMPETENCE: To make graduates competent enough to adopt modern tools and techniques for planning, analysis, design and execution of Civil Engineering projects.

PEO 3: ENGINEERING SYSTEM DESIGN: To enrich the employability of graduates with technical knowledge and communication skills for working in multi- disciplinary teams.

PEO 4: EFFICIENT ENGINEER: To motivate the graduates towards life long learning with a passion for upgradation of knowledge through Research and Development.

PEO 5: LIFE-LONG LEARNING/ETHICS: To imbibe the spirit of entrepreneurship among graduates and pursue them to ethically serve the society.


  • An ability to design solution for complex Civil Engineering problems and also design safe /sustainable structures that meets the specific needs of the society.
  • An ability to solve Civil Engineering problems by applying concepts to investigate conduct experiments and interpret data using appropriate codal provision.
  • An ability to use techniques, resources and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  • An ability to apply reasoning in the assessment of social health , safety , legal and cultural issues in the course of professional engineering practice.
  • An ability to understand environmental pollution problems , green building concepts and demonstrate sustainable engineering practices for civil engineering projects.
  • Ability to apply ethical principles and commit to professional ethics in Civil engineering practice.
  • Ability to function effectively as an individual and as a team member in civil engineering projects comprising multidisciplinary teams.
  • Ability to communicate effectively on complex civil engineering activities to the engineering community /society by preparing effective reports / presentations.
  • Ability to demonstrate and apply principles of project management and finance as a member or as a leader for managing Civil engineering projects in multi disciplinary environments.
  • An ability to recognize the need and an ability to engage in life long learning.

Program Specific Objectives (PSOs):

  • Graduates will showcase the ability to analyze and design basic structural elements for construction using conventional engineering materials.
  • Graduates will have the ability to design and conduct experiments as well as analyze and interpret data for managing components of environmental engineering such as water and sewage.
  • Graduates will have the ability to utilize tools and techniques to prepare drawings , reports, quantity estimates , contracts and other documents related to Civil Engineering.
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