Manufacturing Club

Machines and fabrication was the focus for Manufacturing Club. Dr. KArthikeyan addressed the students and explained the importance of machines in everyday life.

Various process of fabrication was explained to the students. Hands on training on welding, cutting and grinding were practiced. The club members assembled a Go-kart as their project.

As a part of club activity students were taken to Diamond Group of Companies. The working environment of an engineer was exposed to the studentís in order to have and outlook of the outside world.

The primary objective of the club is to stimulate and focus young mechanical engineers towards manufacturing processes. Manufacturing Engineering is one of the major division of mechanical engineering, it covers manufacturing of machine components, elements and structures. It involves various types of manufacturing processes such as machining, welding and forming. Gaining expertise in manufacturing engineering will orient the students more mechanically towards the industrial processes. This manufacturing club inducts the students irrespective of branch and orient them in a fundamental manufacturing processes. This time this club has a plan to fabricate a mini engine powered Go-Kart and a miniature model of Double rotor Hovercraft. This club explains and provides hands on experience on various fundamental manufacturing processes involved in Go-Kart and Hovercraft. During each and every class a detailed presentation over the planned activity has been given before starting the fabrication work. Subsequently, students will be sent to the machine shop wherein the manufacturing work is on. Finally the students assigned with different works will be grouped together to assemble the final product. This kind of exposure would certainly empower the student's interest towards manufacturing processes.

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