We commenced our journey from our college campus on 9:00 AM and we reached there by 09:45 AM.

·         We were accompanied by Mr. BABU and Mr. BARATHAN, Assistant Professors of our department.

·         We were welcomed warmly by the company staff who took us inside and split us into 3 batches.

·         There were totally 6 sessions and we attended all of them randomly.

·         The first session was with Mr. Gokul Chandrasekaran the L&D head of the company who gave us an introduction about service robots and the advancements over thAbiraman e years in the robotics.

·         The second session was with Mr.Naveen Kumar who said and explained about the applications of the robots in industries and also mentioned the difference between industrial robots and service robots.

·         The third session was a non-technical one in which Mr. Abiraman explained about the infrastructure of the company and the various innovations and research that is being done in the company. The main purpose of this session was to reduce the difficulty of the foremen in the industry.

·         The fourth session was again with Mr.Gokul  who explained about the researchers that are being made in robotics and gave some lively examples of such advanced robots which were being used currently in and around the world examples  ( Knight scope-K5 security robot,

·         Saviok, Surgical robots)

·         The fifth session was with Mr.Naveen who showed us a real working robot that was present in the company (ABB-IRB1520-Arc welding robot), the various parts that are used to operate a robot and the control systems.

·         The sixth session was with Mr.Gokul who introduced us to the software that was used to simulate the operations that was done on the robot before performing it to ensure safety.

·         Then finally the session concluded with the wonderful speech by Mr. Vishal Vaibhav(student-III year-‘b’) who gave an overview of what all we saw and learned throughout the visit.

·         Finally we left the company by 2pm and we returned to college by 2:35pm.

·         It was a good exposure to the latest robotic technology and industrial visits similar to this will be of great use for us.

Singh Ajit, 3rd year Mechanical