ONE DAY WORKSHOP ON VALUE ENGINEERING “Never judge an object by its top…get into its depth”

The Department of Mechanical Engineering organized a one day workshop on Value Engineering on 27/08/2016 for the Elite students of all branches.

          Mr. P. Arjun Raj, R&D[Engines], Mahindra & Mahindra, Mrs. Anita Lukose, Assistant General Manger TPA, Shobha Ltd and Mr. Daniel Arockiam, Lead, New Product Development, TCS, were the Guest Speakers.

          The workshop was highly interactive and informative. The module provided the participants a platform to learn new things, apart from their usual curriculum. Information about how to identify the functions for an engineered product was clearly stated by the speakers. The lecture undoubtedly provided students with essential insights on Value Engineering.

The lecture stimulated interesting discussions at the end of the session. Following the discussions, an exercise on value analysis was given to the participants to apply the concepts learnt at the end of the day.  

As a whole, the workshop pleased the participants by fulfilling its purpose in a successful manner.

Mr. T.N Suresh Kumar, Sr. Assistant Professor of our department organized the workshop in an effective manner.