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ECE Students Project Presentation @ Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2019

Event: 4th Mitsubishi Electric Cup – A National level automation competition for students

Venue: Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, Faridabad, Haryana

Date: 15th, 16th February, 2019


Project Title:  A^2 BOTS

Group Leader:          
J.Jegapriya (IV ECE)

Group Members:
Priyadarshini babu (IV ECE)
W. Sherbin (IV ECE)
P. Arun (III ECE)
R.Ramanan (III MHT)

Faculty Guide:          
 Mr. T.Rajasekar, AP/ECE

Description of the Project:

The name A^2 BOTS – Autonomous Agri Bot.

An Agricultural robotic vehicle that can perform physical works like drilling and seeding. Optimum spacing between seeds while seeding by bots reduces the growth of weeds. It captures the images of the crops and processes it and finds the nutrition deficiency or the disease by which the plant is affected. Based on the processing results, it suggests the farmer of what remedy to be taken to cure the affected crops. These suggestions are given to the farmers through a mobile application. Our bots will overcome lack of labour force and supports in continuous monitoring, which in turn enhances the production of healthy crops. As these bots runs on solar energy, it also saves other energy resources.

Our prototype can be used as a surveillance bot. The image processing techniques are enhanced; more detailed and precise defects could be identified. It can also be used to surveillance the growth of crops could also be monitored remotely with the help of IoT. Since we are using the Pneumatic arms to control the Drilling and seeding process. Our bots could be more effectively used to monitor the growth of crops also detect pest attack, nutrient deficiency with the help of Raspberry pi cam attached with the bot. The farmer can be alerted if any defects and deficiency on the crops through IoT.

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